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Restoration at Mills Weekend

Making a difference over Mills Weekend.


This is a hugely important year for Wymondham Windmill and the community it is part of. A team of skilled volunteers and craftspeople have been turning back the effects of over 30 years of Leicestershire weather which have taken their toll on this amazing building.


As part of National Mills Weekend, our volunteers lent a hand in restoring this important building. A fresh coat of whitewash has brought the interior back to how it would have been and really brightens visitors’ experience. Half an hour with a brush added each volunteer’s stamp in this building’s history. No prior experience was necessary and protective clothing was provided. We worked on the upper floors, climbing the steep steps.

Did you know? There were once over 100 windmills in Leicestershire alone, now there are none in working order in the county. With your continued help we can preserve this fine example. This community project is our chance to make sure it is here for future generations.

Our team of volunteers worked to establish just the right mix to coat the rough ironstone walls. The results are great!


On Sunday we also worked to set the mill working for the first time in nearly 40 years. In the last few weeks a dedicated team of enthusiasts led by our mill wright Adam Marriott have been working to prepare the mill mechanism so that a vintage tractor can power the stones. This was how it last worked when grinding animal feed in the 1980s.


The Living Mill project is being supported by Heritage Lottery Fund and East Leicestershire LEADER, but the mill needs to match their funding to finish the job. Local families are contributing countless hours of volunteer effort, but more cash is needed for materials so they can continue. Visit our indigogo site to help. Thanks!