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Back to Life

The cap of Wymondham Windmill has been returned to the top of the restored tower to mark the completion of the Living Mill project. We would like to thank everyone who has helped bring this wonderful old building back to life.


The last year has seen school children researching and creating artwork, volunteers painting coat after coat of lime wash, specialist craftspeople restoring the mill’s tired frame and hundreds of supporters who gave time, advice and money. This amazing building means so much to so many and none more so than the two villagers who asked friends and relatives to donate to the project instead of buying anniversary presents. This wonderfully generous act raised more than £600 alone.

Sarahjanyne Fletcher, owner of the mill said: ‘We’ve been so touched by how everyone has stepped up to the challenge. It’s a huge responsibility caring for a building like this, but it has been one shared by so many local people, funders and enthusiasts. We want to give a huge thank you to everyone.”

The result is a building which will stand for decades to come welcoming visitors and sharing a local heritage. New schools resources will help younger generations learn about this special place and their connection to it.


Pupils from St Peters C of E Primary School in Wymondham worked with filmmakers, designers and a poet to share what Wymondham Windmill means to them. The pack of learning materials they helped create now provides a cross-curricular resource for teachers and pupils making a visit to Wymondham Windmill.


This is not the end of opportunities to get involved and help support this important place. The site needs constant maintenance and Sarahjayne and Vince plan to one day return sails to the mill so that she can grind again for demonstration purposes. You can support in many ways. We are always looking for volunteers and sponsorship to conserve the mill or you can simply drop by and buy a cup of coffee as 10% of proceeds from the Tea Room go directly into the Mill Conservation Fund.