Priory Stone Workshop

Professional stonemasonry and carving

Enduring solutions in stone

From bespoke house signs to complete restoration. Stone Workshop offers the highest level of craftsmanship to provide sympathetic and enduring solutions in stone.


In his own words: “Stonemasonry is a craft in which you never stop learning. Stone is, of course, a natural material. Every piece of stone is different. Every new job is unique, and it is this that makes working with stone so special. My philosophy is to combine my experience and skill with stone, to produce not just another ‘job’ or a solution to a problem. Whether it’s a re-pointed garden wall, an ornately carved fireplace, or a piece of public art, it also has to be something of inherent quality and beauty. The best it can possibly be.”


With a wide ranging portfolio from gargoyles, headstones and sculpture, to larger scale installations and property restoration, Neil is always happy to give you the benefit of his expertise.

Master Craftsmen

Neil is a member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen. Get in touch at or call Neil on 07552 700902.

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